“German Shepherd Rescue South: We re-home unwanted German shepherd dogs and without Mark's help we feel many of the dogs would have come back into rescue. Mark has amazing skills and an extensive knowledge of how to help both dog and their owners, he is flexible and generous with his time for us , nothing is ever too much trouble and will always go over and above to help a dog stay with their new owner. He is truly amazing and we as a rescue are very grateful for all the help he gives us. We have no hesitation in recommending Mark, have done on many occasions, and will continue to do so -  you will find no better behaviorist than he. "
“Mark is by far the most experienced and successful behaviourist we have worked with in respect of all our multi year Greek dog rescue work.He is both knowledgeable and intuitive in terms of getting to grips with any and all issues that dogs,in particular rescue dogs,may present with,and then devising a step by step action plan to take things forward and to build trust and confidence and a sense of wellbeing for both dog and owner. He's worked with us on a whole range of behavioural issues from aggression to recall to phobias to issues with me and/or children to car avoidance to interacting with other dogs in unusual settings,ext..really the whole gamut of possible issues,and he has come up trumps in every single case we have worked with him on.He is likewise extremely adept at dealing with people and getting the owners onside in terms of what needs to be done and managed.His follow up and commitment is second to none and he is an absolute pleasure to work with.I cannot recommend Mark highly enough.He has literally made all the difference to our work !”
“ Today Mark Bridger, behaviourist at Bone Canis, popped in to say ‘hi’ to the gang and give us some tips with VIELA to help her with her (already very much improved) anxiety. Viela was very anxious when she arrived with us 3 months ago and, although much, much better already, she does still bark when she gets worried she's missing out, so we need to get on top of that before she's adopted. However, it was CHIQUI who totally stole the show, happily plonking himself between Mark and his fiance for cuddles and wagging his tail. Such an incredible difference to the little lost dog we first saw in June. I think it's fair to say that Chiqui is ready for a wonderful, happy future ❤️ Thanks so, so much Mark. Your advice was very insightful and it was a pleasure to meet you both. We look forward to implementing your methods… 😊   "

“  I truly cannot thank Mark Bridger enough for coming to train TY (well,  "us" really lol).. You can walk on water in my eyes now - we shall call you "God" 😂👏🏻 Thank you so much - there is hope... If anybody has any dog behavioural issues, Mark is your man!!!! The most Amazing dog trainer I have ever met! I would advise his services to anybody – he really is the Sussex Dog Whisperer!!!”

"A truly great Trainer. I could instantly see how I’d be reinforcing the wrong habits and behaviours. Now to work on correcting myself!"


"I would not have been able to handle my new little pup without Mark! 
I got a rescue from Greek animal rescue and she was a handful! Non-stop all day, chewing everything, really bad anxiety when I even left the room without her and struggling with toilet training.
I tried looking at training videos online as she is my first puppy and I got to the point I thought I’d have to give her back. 
I then got in contact with Mark and all he had to do was tell me good tips and tricks and told me to persevere. So I did, and now I have the perfect little pup and I couldn’t have done it without Mark!
Thank You!!"

 ​  ​​
"What a difference a day makes! From crazy, hyper alert, stubborn spaniels who had definitely got the upper hand, we can see the light and have calm and settled digs this evening after s visit from Mark. Some simple and comprehensive tips have made such a difference. Lots of consistency and brain games to tire them out and this evening they are both flat out!!"
"After one of my German shepherds took me out from behind at 100 mph & broke my leg in 2 places in September I had to make the very hard decision to get someone else to walk them, something I have never done & never wanted to, I knew Mark so contacted him & he said he will send Ange over to meet me, 
Ange came just to say hello to my girls & they took to her straight away, we arranged the first walk & have to say I felt sick as they pulled away, they came back absolutely full of it & obviously had a great time, after a couple of more walks they adore her & one of them just sits at the gate for hours before she arrives & totally can't control herself with excitement when she gets here even jumping up on the garden table & showing off!
I would so highly recommend Ange Rowland to look after your dogs, she is very gentle with my old girl & knows her needs & keeps the young whipper snapper in order
Ange has been an amazing help since this happened & I certainly don't worry about them when there in her safe hands
Thank you so much Ange xxx"

“Do quote me when I say that ‘asking you to come and advise me on our cocker spaniel’s nervousness was the best £50 that I have ever spent on her.  I had been expecting you to come out with all the usual suspects, but not at all.  The two main pieces of advice will transform her, I am sure.  You also gave so much other useful advice that has really opened my eyes.  Thank you.’ “

“Our rescue lurcher Farley loved Mark's puppy club - it has really built his confidence and he is so friendly towards other dogs. After a day at puppy club, he would come home and happily sleep for the rest of the evening, fully worn-out by what must have been a lovely day for him. Thanks Mark - it also gave me a bit of respite from the hundred mile an hour dog and a chance to do the washing without half of it being chewed! Highly recommended.”

“Basil has loved going to Puppy Club every Friday. Not only has it been fantastic for socialisation with other puppies, but has given us and the other animals in our household a well-needed day off from him! What a great start to Basil's life.”
"Wow... Mark really is the dog whisperer! Our little pooch really enjoyed her session yesterday and it was like we left with a different dog! He taught us some amazing tips and they have made such a difference in only 24 hours! We were having a few issues with our new rescue pup pulling on the lead out on walks, and Mark showed us some new techniques that worked straight away. He has a really lovely method of training and was very welcoming to us and the dog! Would recommend to anyone."

"Met with the lovely Mark Bridger from 'Bone Canis' yesterday with Gina! He really is the dog whisperer, so if you have any doggy matters, big or small... then Mark's your man! Would highly recommend his services to anyone 🙂..."
“ Regarding Mark’s dog-walking service: For the first time ever I can't walk my dogs & was like a headless chicken when they went out, they came back so happy & would not leave Ange alone, & even looking for her when she left! That's all I needed to see to put my mind at rest & looking forward to the next great walk for them, thank you Mark & Ange x “


“ Our golden retriever pup went to Bone Canis’ Friday puppy club and loved it. It was great as Shadow was picked-up and dropped-back as we work long hours on a Friday. We always came back to a sleep happy pup and can't thank Mark enough. This is a great idea and a brilliant way to socialise your puppy. Cannot recommend highly enough!!! Thank you. “
"Hugo, my fury friend from Romania, just doesn't like non-neutered dogs - they totally freak him out. It's so distressing for him (and me). Mark showed me a way to distract Hugo from a big dog and his dog-hood, the dog pestered Hugo but after Mark's teaching Hugo didn't flinch. Hugo's attention was totally on me. It was incredible. Mark is truly a dog genius. Thank you Mark."

"Mark was confident, friendly and really good with Charlie. He gave us really good tips and left us feeling more confident that we will be able to help Charlie work through his issues. We started our programme only this afternoon.  😀 🐾"

  "Mark is a great trainer and a really insightful behaviourist. He was quickly able to see the relationship between our 3 dogs and offer useful advice on how to create an improvement to their play and interaction. I would highly recommend him to anyone…  ​"

"Mark is brilliant at what he does. He has helped us out on various occasions with different doggie troubles. He offers insight into the world of dog and provides easy, kind, sensible solutions. He provided an instant fix with 1 of our dogs who refused to go in the car and we've since had no problems. The other problems have been ongoing training with great results. I would always strongly recommend Mark to anyone with dogs. He is a pleasure to be around and our dogs (and children) adore him."

"Mark came out to help me with my cross-breed dog Mabel, who suffers with extreme over-friendliness! I've never quite been able to get on top of her jumping up at people and Mark has given me loads of advice and tips on how to cope with managing this with kind, force-free methods. He has also highlighted other areas that we need to work on, that all come together to help myself and Mabel deal with her enthusiastic personality! Highly-recommended."

"Mark came to talk to me about some settling-in issues I had bringing a rescue dog into our home with 2 other dogs. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but he very quickly explained dog behaviour to me in a way that made total sense. He gave me strategies to work with for all 3 of our dogs and gave me the reassurance I needed. He's a lovely man and I would really recommend him to anyone with even minor issues with their dogs."

“I cannot rate Mark highly enough. He is a first-class dog trainer who has helped us no end with our GSD. He is very professional and explains dog behaviour in a way that makes sense. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much Mark. "
“ I met Mark yesterday with my two rescue dogs Betty and Wilma! - Mark has given me some great advice and tips to help support them both to get over their nervousness. I cannot thank him enough for the time he spent with us yesterday, we are already putting everything into practice. I look forward to meeting Mark again on social walks and will now always call on him when I need any further advice. I am also a foster home for rescue dogs and will also be recommending him to every adopter who rescues a foster dog who has been in my care. Thanks once again Mark.”
“ Shadow loves his Friday puppy days. Thank you - I always have a tired happy puppy Fri eves!”
“ have been studying various canine courses in the past year and currently studying canine behaviour. I did a week's work experience with Mark and can highly recommend him. What I learnt from Mark was much clearer than what I can learn from studying alone.”
“ He's an excellent guy ,
as you can clearly see with Bear  & Ava, his own rescue  dogs that both had some issues ...”
“Mark came to talk to me about some settling in issues I had bringing a rescue dog into our home with 2 other dogs. I wasn't really sure what to expect but he very quickly explained dog behaviour to me in a way that made total sense. He gave me strategies to work with for all 3 of our dogs and gave me the reassurance I needed. He's a lovely man and I would really recommend him to anyone with even minor issues with their dogs. ”
“Mark was recommended by my vet and he travelled over an hour to me after I contacted him for support. He was fantastic with my EBT gave us great advice and techniques to use with my rescue dog whos very reactive to other dogs. Highly recommended and a big thank you.”
"We have already used Mark for Smurf's lunging at other dogs. This is now almost under control. For a big shepherd I can now walk him on a normal collar and lead (I'm 5'2 and tiny). Have just had another consultation for our latest rescue- we now have 3 shepherds - lots of advice and a plan of action."
"Mark came round to help with our rescue dog Mara who was having a few issues with our cats. We just had one session, I think we needed training as much as the dog! He is great, would thoroughly recommend."
“Mark has gone out of his way to talk me through behavioural advice with our new rescue dog whom we're having challenges with. He gave up his time to propose solutions and exercises to go through which we're working on now. He explains dog behaviour in simple language with examples that are easy to understand, and all with a sense of humour. I have every confidence that following Mark's advice we will have a very happy dog.”
“Fantastic results after just a few days of following Mark's advice. We have springer who didn't like children very much but with some simple steps and consistency I know things will continue to improve. Thank you Mark!”
“Amazing first session with Evie! Can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel!! Thank you so much.”
"Mark is very professional, and at the end of the phone to offer advice and support after his visit.We noticed a big improvement after one week of Mark's visit . He is clearly passionate in his work with dogs and his years of experience shows. Without any hesitation would thoroughly recommend - thank you."
“Had our first session with Mark today. Am very impressed (especially after being the fifth trainer we've seen)! Can't wait for our next session. ”
“Had a really good training session this morning, Arla is pooped lol thank you!”
“Working on our new rescue boy's over-excitement, Mark's tips have brought improvement already and hoping..."
"Mark is just such a lovely man, he came out and spent some time with us and our half pint sized hooligan pup and her behaviour improved just after that one session ! Of course she's still going to be a naughty pup, anything else just wouldn't be normal... But the difference is, now she's engaging with us more rather than just being a crazy whirlwind ! Lots more work ahead but I know whose advice I'll be turning to !  :)"
"I met Mark through a rescue I volunteered at where he would help with some very difficult dogs. When we needed help with our own puppy there was only one man to speak to! If you want an instant fix Mark is not your man, that man does not exist! Mark will give you every tool you need to succeed and if you follow his techniques you will get the desired results, he's here to train us to train and understand our dogs and he does it brilliantly."
"We have a rescue dog that had a tough start and showed some very aggressive traits. Mark came highly recommended from our neighbour, so we gave him a call as we were concerned he might have to let Sam go. Mark came over to meet him and evaluate our situation. Almost immediately he was able to see what was going on and give us some exercises and advice on how to help our dog calm down. We have all been working with Sam over the last few weeks and I have to say, Mark nailed it. Didn't take long before we started to see a noticeable change in Sam's behaviour. We already have a new found confidence that we are in control, and Sam is well on his way to being a member of the family just as we had hoped for. Thanks Mark, you're insight and advice were second to none. Best thing about it is that Sam seems much happier... Would highly recommend!!"
"I was lucky enough to find and work with Mark when we got our rescue dog Max. Mark has a passion for his work. He has a great way with dogs and sharing his knowledge with us humans. I definitely trust my furry friend in the skilled and caring hands of Mark..."
"Mark, of Bone Canis, is probably one of the best dog trainers I have personally asked for help in the past 20 years. He has helped me understand and shown me how to help our collie cross overcome lead anxiety on a kind controlled way whilst giving me confidence."
"Holbrook animal rescue is very happy to recommend Mark Bridger at Bone Canis for any problems you may have with your canine companions. He has some amazing results and offers a telephone consult in the first instance so you can be helped quickly and alleviate some of your worries. We have found that dogs that people have wanted to return due to an issue have been turned around and are now happily still resident in their home. We would not hesitate to recommend Bone Canis to all our adopters and enquirers."
"Cannot thank Mark Bridger enough for coming to train Ty -  "us" really lol.. You can walk on water in my eyes, now we shall call you 'God'. Thank you so much, there is hope... If anybody has ANY dog behavioural issues, Mark is your man!!!! The most amazing dog trainer I have ever met! Would advise his services to anybody; in just 1 meeting he has given us all a new lease of life.. Amazingly talented man! Xx"
"What a fantastic walk. As an owner of a reactive dog, this walk was amazing. To have my dog relaxed and off-lead with other dogs is like all my Christmases come at once. Thank you Mark. Can't wait for the next one."
"Cannot thank you enough for your help. Amazing results already and some key points I never knew. Will be highly recommending you. Thank you again Mark."
"Honey and I would like to say a big thank you for your help, already we are seeing some improvement, we will keep you updated on our progress. x"
"I just want to say thank you so much for our helpful walk today! I learnt a huge amount and now feel I can actually move on with Nala after having a bit of a stalemate with her for the past year! Can't wait to get out there again tomorrow rather than be nervous!"
"Thank you very much for coming to help me with Bagheera and Smurfy and giving me some great tools. Already Bagheera is so much better, he even tends to stay nearer to me on the walk and he's really got the hang of looking at me for his food/ treat. This evening I could put my good bowl on the floor in front if him and he didn't even try and get it... And we know how food-orientated he is being a Labrador! He just lay there looking at me. Thank you very much!"
"Duke is our three year old rescue Rottweiler.
Mark helped us with Duke's separation anxiety after he was in the rescue centre kennels for over 7 months. He is now a happy and content boy as you can see from the photo.
Thank you Mark! "
"Happy mummy, happy Sami the husky -
thank u so much for coming all the way down to us, u were amazing! I'm so happyyyyyyyyyyy! Thank you
and Chrissy has stopped talking - lol - only cause he's gone out, but hey, peace! And Sami has passed out. I feel so much better now I know I can do this, I can do anything for Sami - she deserves it she's a cute girl... PS. she says weIrd u get the treats, as mum's dried spratts suck!"
"Thank you for your help and advice yesterday Mark. We are practising all the exercises you said and it's already making a big difference when the door rings. Genny didn't bat an eyelid today when the postman arrived. She also loves the new snacks that you suggested, and so does the cat!!"
"Mark, I can not thank you enough for being at the end of the phone to answer questions I have and helping me to understand my dogs and why they do what they do. You definitely show that you care more about the pet than money!"
"Hiya, just wanted to give you a bit of a progress update on Bruno......
Our walks have been outstanding with him, I've been taking him to a park in Rustington wel-known for dog walkers (somewhere 2 weeks ago I wouldn't have dreamt of taking him to) as it's always very busy. Yet it's like taking a different dog out! He hasn't gone off on one or even a small bark on walks!
He's had out of control dogs off a lead run to him and he has a sniff, says 'hello', then comes over to me! Each time this has happened I walk away with the biggest smile and also a sigh of relief! I've even managed to have a chat with people in the park whilst Bruno says 'hi' to their dogs! We walked along Goring seafront Sunday - it was heaving & he plodded along surrounded by dogs! 
I keep remembering you saying every time he ignored a dog our faces looked liked we had won the lottery.. I still feel like that! I'm super-proud of him & I actually want to walk him now, whereas before it was a chore.
I can't thank you enough! I can't ask for more from him, my in-laws had him for the day Saturday - I received a text while they had him saying his behaviour was impeccable ! I didn't think 'Bruno' & 'impeccable' would ever be in the same sentence!
Thanks again!"
"Very pleased with Dora today, my brother popped round for a visit and rang doorbell and as many of you know, this is one of her 'issues'! She calmed down quickly (using tips Mark from Bone Canis gave us) and when she was sat in the living room, she could still see the door, let my brother in (who ignored her) did not talk, no eye contact and sat down chatting to me. Dora came to him when she was ready for a sniff and pet. She had no problem with him getting up to walk around and she even came over and lent on him to allow him the priviledge of scratching her butt, so he gave her a treat which was well derserved and praise! Thanks Mark, it is taking time and patience as you said and perseverance ! xxx"
"Thank u so much, for helping us with Riley. 
We will be practicing what you've told us every day !
George is so happy,that he can't wait to take him on a walk lol !
I will recommend you to anyone that wants some help with their dog !
Thank u Mark !"
"Thank you soooo much Mark for coming out to see me & my motley crew on Tuesday! The techniques you showed me have already had a significant impact on our previously un-calm household! I never realised just how manic our 2 dogs were & how much time was spent attempting to discipline them. We started seeing results instantly, which means it can only get better! I'm looking forward to a few more weeks of training so we can 'show off' to you next time you come!!!"
"Just a little update I wanted to share. We have been using Mark Bridger's tips on how to keep our dogs under control and our daughter, who will be 3 in November, had one of them under her complete control today by using these techniques!! Wow!"
"Brilliant job on Ellie today... She is still exhausted from all the brain-training,.... but she has been so well-behaved using the method you taught us.... Would recommend you to anyone with a dog. Thanks so much."
"Thank you Mark for today, Freddie seems much calmer already and I can't believe that he hasn't barked since you left. My neighbors are going to be so happy as are we, once again thank-you and I will keep you posted." 
"Thank you so much for your help with Brody last night, he is already SO much better on the lead and hasn't jumped up at anyone at all. The 'hiss' is amazing and so effective! I was really pleased with your kind but firm approach and it was great to see him responding so easily. I would recommend anyone with a dog that has behavioural issues to talk to you for help. 
He was exhausted after his lessons!!!"
"Mark came to see us today to help with our Westie with attitude. What a wonderful person and has worked wonders with our dog already. Would highly recommend his services."
"6 weeks ago we took Ronnie in who is now officially ours. Our first few weeks was a nightmare with him as soon as he caught sight of another dog. After perseverance and thanks to Mark Bridger we have today had a major breakthrough. Ronnie has met another dog face to face and we are so very proud at the way he behaved. A bit of tough love at first has so much paid off..."
"Wow what a difference in my out of control, hyper, rebellious and stubborn Shar Pei! No pulling on our walk this evening, which means I will save a fortune at the chiropractor! Had the front door open without either of my dogs crossing the line and both are so chilled-out. All that after just ONE session! My god why did I not contact you sooner?! Thank you so much from one happy household..."
"Hi Mark, thank you so so much for help and advice today, Dora already seems to be more settled, though Gary, I and the girls know we have lots of work ahead, we know it will be so worth it to have a happy, stress-free Dora in our family."
"This man is amazing...my snappy unpredictable Izzy is a different dog in one session - can't recommend Mark highly enough!"
"We’ve been working on your tips with Diesel’s aggression and are coming on leaps and bounds now. A friend of ours stayed this weekend and we had 8(!!) dogs in the house all weekend, my 3, 4 Patterdale Terriers and 1 Leonberger. Not one growl, masses of toys and chews and all shared the food nicely and even went in the cars together with mixed up packs!!
On top of that, my 3 have been coming up the yard with me :o) Holly is amazing with the horses, she just trots along behind my horse and has even curled up in the stable whilst I groom the horse. I have been tethering the huskies because they have a tendency to chase the foal out across the fields, but we are working on that and they have thankfully stopped barking at it - so small, positive, slow steps but they absolutely love it and just sleep in the tack room whilst I am riding, can't believe I am starting to get the pack of dogs I always wanted …. Thank you!!!!!"