Meet The Team...

Angela Rowland

“I would so highly recommend Ange to look after your dogs, she is very gentle with my old girl & knows her needs & keeps the young whipper snapper in order. I certainly don't worry about them when they are in her safe hands!”
Ange joined the team in October 2017 as a dog-walker, but is also a highly-qualified dog trainer and runs our 8pm further obedience classes! 

She is our primary dog-walker so there is a high likelihood you may see her out and about when you are walking your own dogs! (Although, please be aware, some of the dogs she walks do need space.)

Ange has had a keen interest in dogs since an early age, walking her mum’s friends’ dogs as a teenager, meaning she is confident with all breeds - big and small - including a wide variety of temperaments.  She is particularly interested in scent work and is qualified in scen- enrichment, however she is continuing her study in the area even further through studying the Canine Principles search-dog handler diploma.

Ange also enjoys spending time with her own two young German Shepherd dogs -  Zeus (16 Months) and Odin (11 Months) - who inspired her to start her study into canine behaviour, as she wanted to know all she could do to make their lives as good as they possibly could be.

Emily Talmadge

“Emily has been walking my 2 pups twice a week for me, for the past few months and I couldn't ask for a better person. She is so attentive and always goes over and above what's expected!”
Emily is one of our dog-trainers and she has been with us since June 2017, when she started helping -out with puppy club. However, she also takes lots of photos for us and even does some design work. It's always great when you find a dog that is willing to sit still! Emily runs the puppy training classes and puppy club, as well as doing some of our dog walks, drop-ins and training sessions in the Storrington area.
You can often see her at our social walks taking pictures of your precious pooches, or wherever a cheeky puppy cuddle can be found...  
Emily is particularly passionate about filling a dog's life with plenty of fun and excitement alongside improving their relationship with you through enrichment and training games. You can see some ideas for these areas in our 2017 advent calendar, posted on our Face Book page.

When she isn’t playing with your puppies, she is either busy studying for her degree in psychology and a variety of canine qualifications, or spending time with her own dog Suzi (An 11 year old Jack Russell Terrier rescue) or her fiance's pup Chester (a 3 year old working English Springer Spaniel). 

Donna Risdon

“I was very satisfied with my experience whilst with Donna. Throughout it all, there was always a nice and attentive team member who made sure my questions were answered and my needs were met. Highly-recommended.”
Donna  was wanting to teach people how to care for their dogs when her own dog, Zookie, was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the age of 2. In order to prolong her life, naturally she had to change her care for Zookie. From there, she expanded her knowledge and qualifications...

Donna is all about fun in her agility and flyball classes, come and join her for winter and summer fun! Should you need help choosing your perfect puppy and with the basics in training, behaviour modification, or just advice on holistic or nutrition, please contact her, as she is fully-qualified. Donna specialises in catering for those in the areas of Brighton & Hove.