Meet The Team...

Emily Talmadge

Emily is one of our dog-trainers, and she has been with us since June 2017, when she started helping-out with puppy-club. However, she also takes lots of photos for us, and even does some design-work. It's always great when you find a dog that is willing to sit still! Emily runs the puppy -training classes and puppy-club, as well as doing some of our dog- walks, drop-ins and training-sessions in the Storrington area.
You can often see her at our social-walks taking pictures of your precious pooches, or wherever a cheeky puppy cuddle can be found...  
Emily is particularly passionate about filling a dog's life with plenty of fun and excitement, alongside improving their relationship with you, through enrichment and training-games. You can see some ideas for these areas in our 2017 advent calendar, posted on our Face Book page.

When she isn’t playing with your puppies, she is either busy studying for her degree in psychology and a variety of canine-qualifications, or spending time with her own dog 'Suzi' (An 11 year old Jack Russell Terrier rescue) or her fiance's pup, 'Chester' (a 3 year old working English Springer Spaniel). 
“Emily has been walking my 2 pups twice a week for me, for the past few months and I couldn't ask for a better person. She is so attentive and always goes over and above what's expected!”

Lucyaime Towner-Hibberd

  Lucyaime (or Lucy) is one of our dog-trainers, joining us in May 2019. She currently runs our outdoor training-classes on Thursdays, at Jubilee fields, and assists our other trainer, Emily, with her classes at Coolham Village Hall.

Lucy is not only a qualified dog-trainer, having completed the advanced ‘canine coaching diploma’ from Canine principles, and spending 2 years studying the craft; she also has a wide-range of experience with dogs and other animals, having worked previously on a dairy farm in New Zealand, and at a vets in the UK. Lucy’s passion for dog- training even expands into competing, as alongside her border collie, 'Bodhie', she is a competitor in competitive obedience-trails and, she hopes in the near future, agility. Lucy loves seeing the team develop between an owner and their dog: she has faith that her bond as a team with Bodhie will lead to success, when they compete. We know we will all be behind her when they do!

When she isn’t training or cuddling with her best-pal Bodhie, or perfecting our training-plans with Emily, she is practising archery and competing in local netball tournaments. She also has her own Instagram for Bodhie where you can follow his adventures (@littlelilac_bodhie); you may even see some Bone Canis related content as well!
My miniature schnauzer puppy, loves his Thursday morning obedience
class with Lucy. 
After just two classes he is making real progress, thanks to her skill in making learning fun for both of us! Lucy has shown me how to continue his training at home between classes.
Meeting other dogs is also helping his socialisation.

Andrea Ray

 Andrea joined the team in March 2019 as a dog-walker and covers the West Chiltington, Ashington, Washington and Storrington areas; she is currently working on her qualifications for Canine First-aid and the ‘Professional Dog-Walker Certificate’ through the British College of Canine Studies.
Andrea has had plenty of experience with dogs, having lived with them consistently since an early age - due to her father’s role in the police as a police dog-handler. As such, she has had time with several German Shepherds in her youth, including her father’s police dog, Sabre. In contrast, she also spent her youth with their family Bichon Frise, named Sonny. Her father’s passion for dogs has been a great inspiration for her to work with dogs; she has fond memories of being out walking one of their German Shepherds, Oscar, in all weathers, so is excited to provide enjoyable walks for your dog’s, come rain or shine. Andrea also has 10 years’ experience working in mental-health, through which she has gained significant skill in being aware of her surroundings, observing behaviour, and being able to diffuse volatile situations - all of which are valuable skills that can be transferred to her work with your dogs.
Andrea also owns two of her own dogs: 'Millie' is a 5 year old GSD x Collie, and 'Esta', a Romanian rescue (who is possibly a JRT x Chihuahua). She is fascinated by natural care for both humans and dogs, having just become qualified in Naturopathy, and is looking to get further qualifications into holistic care for dogs in the future. When she is not walking your dogs, she is running her own Sports, Remedial and Complimentary Massage therapist business as well as spending quality time with Millie and Esta.
“My mind is totally at ease and I'm very relieved that I've found someone I can trust as much as my previous dog walker”

Ricky Sibley

 Ricky joined the team in March 2019 as a dog-walker after having run her own dog-walking business (in Surrey and beyond) for 2 years, meaning she is super-experienced with all kinds of dogs and owners. She covers Billingshurst and nearby areas.
Ricky owned her very first dog at 6 years of age; he was a cherished Jack Russell, called 'Charlie', who she had from a tiny puppy; this memory stayed with her (and so did the dogs) until she was an adult! Since then, she has owned all sorts of breeds, from all sorts of backgrounds, including: Belgian Shepherds, German Shepherds, Springer Spaniels, Staffies, Rottweilers and Bassett Hounds. Her current dog, 'Ruby', is a young Bassett.
As an experienced dog-walker, Ricky knows the importance of understanding the individual dogs’ needs and requirements. Ricky believes, that like humans, all dogs have their own personalities and traits, which need to be acknowledged. She will shortly be undertaking a comprehensive canine first-aid course (even though she has extensive knowledge from her background with dogs) and in the future she is interested in channelling her enthusiasm toward dog-psychology and behaviour by getting further specialised-qualifications.
In her free time, Ricky enjoys walking Ruby in exciting new places, as well as being a member of a womens’ motorcycle club. At the weekend, she attends rallies all around the UK, meeting new people and exchanging tips on bikes!
“I would highly recommend Ricky to anyone in her new area. I found her to be conscientious and flexible, as well as always willing to help out in other ways when needed.”

Francesca Mura

Francesca joined us in June 2019 as one of our dog-walkers, covering the Storrington, Washington and Ashington areas. She is also available for some pet-sitting. She is highly-qualified for her role, having obtained a Master’s degree in Natural Sciences, from the University of Florence, in Italy, and having previously worked in several zoos abroad and across the UK.

From a very young age, Francesca knew she wanted to work with animals and has had a variety of pets throughout her life; her most recent being a rabbit called Banjo and a cat called Muffin. She pursued her passion for working with animals by studying zoology at university, which gave her the opportunity to learn and understand the behaviours of many different animal-species. She is particularly interested in providing animals with enrichment and has, in fact, even developed some enrichment and training-programmes for lemurs and marmosets; as such, she will be able to provide extremely enriching walks and drop-ins for your dogs as well!
She’s also interested in native-animal conservation and has volunteered in a few conservation centres while she was still in Italy, helping taking care of wounded animals like pigeons, robins and hedgehogs. Furthermore, she’s been to Tanzania to learn how to conduct a primate-census with wild populations of monkeys.
When she has some ‘down-time’, she enjoys watching a whole host of movies; reading; visiting zoos and aquariums, to see all the amazing animals. She also enjoys walking and travelling with her boyfriend, and our pet-sitter, James. As well as stealing the affections of his, and our trainer Emily’s, dog, Suzi.

“My mind is totally at ease and I'm very relieved that I've found someone I can trust as much as my previous dog walker”

James Talmadge

James is our pet-sitter and has joined us in 2019, after some time working in zoos and helping with conservation efforts abroad. He also attended Sparsholt College, where he received a Access to HE Land Management (Level 3) qualification.

Through his time interning in zoos and studying at Sparsholt College, he has had the opportunity to work with a whole host of animals; he has even had to muck-out lions and bottle-feed baby armadillos! He also has a wide variety of experience with amphibians, hoof-stock, fish, birds, reptiles, arachnids and insects – therefore, he’s more than experienced enough to house-sit the more unusual domestic pets!

Furthermore, fitting in perfectly with our force-free ethos, he has significant experience in helping to train otters using positive reinforcement methods, as well as other (more domestic) animals.
In his free time he enjoys watching nature documentaries with his family; visiting his girlfriend at her zoo-placements; he also likes going on hiking, camping and canoeing trips with his Father. He has previously done a six-day canoeing and camping trip in the Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada, and has completed 12 Munros (including Ben Nevis).

You can contact James directly at:

Have used Mark and his team for training my dogs for many years and he is fantastic.
I recently used their dog/house sitting service and can not recommend them enough. The dogs were well cared for and the house was immaculate. James even washed and dried the bed linen! Will definitely use again!

Canine Soul

Canine Soul is our sister-company, based in Portslade. Donna  was wanting to teach people how to care for their dogs when her own dog, 'Zookie', was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the age of 2. In order to prolong her life, naturally, she had to change her care for Zookie. From there, she expanded her knowledge and qualifications...

Donna is all about fun in her agility and flyball classes; come and join her for winter and summer fun! Should you need help choosing your perfect puppy and with the basics in training, behaviour-modification, or just advice on holistic or nutrition, please contact her, as she is fully-qualified. Donna specialises in catering for those in the areas of Brighton & Hove.
“I was very satisfied with my experience whilst with Donna. Throughout it all, there was always a nice and attentive team member who made sure my questions were answered and my needs were met. Highly-recommended.”